2020, 20 Feb

City Food Lecture 2020 with key-speaker Louise O. Fresco under the title Neither Flesh nor Fish held at Guildhall London




2019 Jul 2

How farming can help to heal nature

BBC Future and BBC World News asked global thought leaders – people with the ideas and influence to make change – how the world’s food system can change to make it sustainable.

A shift to a plant-based economy is essential for the long-term future of food and farming, says Fresco. As the boundaries between urban and rural blur, agriculture is well-placed to lead this shift.

-Video: https://www.bbc.com


2019 Jun 10

The World Food Prize - The Borlaug Blog by Louise O. Fresco

The Founder of a Family Business Dedicated to Vegetable Seeds for the Tropics Wins the 2019 World Food Prize | pdf
- https://www.worldfoodprize.org


2019 Mar 7

Inter-disciplinary science for the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development

At the launch of the Montpellier Advanced Knowledge Institute on Transitions (MAK'IT) on 7 March 2019, David Nabarro and Louise O. Fresco, President of Wageningen University & Research, spoke on how to work across disciplines to shift systems so they work better for people and the planet
- http://www.4sd.info/#news


2018 Aug

Louise Fresco on the art of studying: ‘Don’t do the obvious thing’

What can you learn from the president of WUR? Two Master’s students ask Louise Fresco how you can get the most out of your degree programme. ‘It is a good idea to keep a diary, and not just about your love life.’
- Read the interview on the website of Resource magazine, page 12
- Go directly to the PDF of the interview


2018 May 16

Louise Fresco reappointed as President of WUR Executive Board
Louise Fresco (1952) will stay on as the President of the Executive Board of WUR for four more years. This was announced by the Supervisory Board. She will commit to increasing WUR’s relevance in the years to come.

Click here to read the interview in Resource, the magazine and news website for students and staff at Wageningen University & Research.


2017 Sep 20

Second Mansholt Lecture on Food Policy & Research

President of the Executive Board of Wageningen University & Research, Prof. Dr. Louise O. Fresco gave a key note speech and 2 papers were presented:
- The policy document Food Transition 2030 focuses on the challenge to achieve the transitions to a sustainable, affordable, trustworthy and high-quality food system in the next decade or two that will fulfil the needs of a diverse and growing world population.
- The policy document Towards a European Food and Nutrition Policy, examines current policies and practices before diving into the question how innovation can support a change towards better diets.
A forum of international experts has discussed both documents.

Mansholt lectures
The Mansholt lectures, named for the great Dutch European politician and thinker Sicco Mansholt, are organised by Wageningen University & Research to discuss European policy and issues in the domain of Wageningen University & Research: food, agriculture and sustainable livelihoods. In September 2016 the first Mansholt lecture was organised with the title ‘Towards a Common Agricultural and Food Policy’.

Organised by Wageningen University & Research
More information and an impression of the Mansholt Lecture in Brussels 2017: wur.nl


2017 Sep-Oct

Challenges and perspectives
for supporting sustainable and inclusive food systems

Fresco, L.O., Ruben, R., Herens, M.
GREAT Insights Magazine, Volume 6, Issue 4

This article outlines prospects for enhancing sustainability, resilience and inclusiveness in food system development and indicates strategic pathways to address the different interlinked challenges |
Website The European Centre for Development Policy Management: ECDPM.org/great-insights


2017 May 13

The Reading List

Louise O. Fresco: My Greatest Fear Is Not Having Anything To Read


2017 Mar 24

Food For All Talks
Agriculture – Food – Bio Sciences
Where are we heading and what does it mean for development scenarios?

Juergen Voegele, Senior Director, Agriculture Global Practice interviews Louise O. Fresco and Shenggen Fan Director-General IFPRI, Washington D.C.
More information


2017 Feb 15

KU LEUVEN 2017: Honouring Stubborn Rebels with a Cause:
Honorary Doctor Louise O. Fresco





This article was published prior to the election of the Secretary General in De Gids (literary and general cultural magazine of the Netherlands) | pdf


2016 Dec 22

Times Higher Education:
Best books of the year 2016

Scholars and senior sector figures reveal their favourite titles – read for work, for pleasure or both – published this year

Louise O. Fresco, president, Wageningen University & Research, the Netherlands:
Weaving in stories about relatives and patients, Siddhartha Mukherjee’s The Gene: An Intimate History (Bodley Head) portrays the application of genetics as a potentially dangerous as well as a truly liberating idea. How much risk are we willing to take? The Gene shows that however important our genes are, we cannot be reduced to our genes alone.

Just like the protagonist of Yentl, Barbra Streisand had to overcome enormous resistance. But she would not be stopped – by her looks, her Jewish identity, a lack of resources or even her insecurity. She became a symbol of empowerment. Neal Gabler’s Barbra Streisand: Redefining Beauty, Femininity, and Power (Yale University Press), part of Yale’s Jewish Lives series, should inspire all students to persevere.


2016 Nov 14

Improving Market Outcomes
Enhancing the Position of Farmers in the Supply Chain

Final Report of the Agricultural Markets Task Force Brussels (pdf)

The Agricultural Markets Task Force (AMTF) was established in January 2016, chaired by former Dutch Minister for Agriculture and University Professor, Cees Veerman. The establishment of the Task Force, made up of twelve independent experts (including Louise O. Fresco), reflected increased concern regarding global developments in the food supply chain and, in particular, the position of the producer in that chain. The Task Force was asked, therefore, to discuss a number of relevant issues all with a view to improving the position of farmers in the food chain.
More information on the website ec.europa.eu


2016 Oct 14

By measuring food waste, we can manage it

Cutting food loss and waste down to size offers a triple win for food security, the economy and the environment. Blog by Louise O. Fresco | Website: Thomson Reuters Foundation


2016 Sept 9

First Mansholt Lecture:
‘From agricultural to food policy and beyond'

Lecture by prof. dr. ir. Louise O. Fresco in Brussels:
"The entire food chain needs to be able to cope with the challenges of the coming decades. We need an integrated food policy that coherently governs and optimises the entire biocycle from farm to fork, from seed to meat "

Downoad here:
Position Paper: Towards a Common Agricultural and Food Policy

In this paper Wageningen UR presents five refreshing ideas to transform the Common Agricultural Policy at the end of this decade into a policy for healthy production and consumption.
More information: wur.nl


2016 Aug 25

Louise Fresco recommends the best books on Food

Interview in Five Books | fivebooks.com
Most people are illiterate when it comes to food, their views based on a combination of personal beliefs, semi-truths and not fully substantiated scientific claims. Dutch food and agricultural scientist, and author, Louise Fresco, picks five books to help us better understand the food we eat.


2016 July 2

Greatly honored to receive the Premio Guiseppe Acerbi in Castelgoffredo for my work on food & sustainable development

Website Premio Acerbi

Articles in Gazzetta di Mantova:
- La Fresco: «Sprechiamo il 30% degli alimenti»
- Premio Acerbi, weekend finale Ospite d’onore Louise Fresco




Narrativa per conoscere e avvicinare i popoli

Anno 2016 - XXIV edizione
Letteratura Olandese


Premio Speciale Giuseppe Acerbi

per la carriera - anno 2016

assegnato a:

Louise O. Fresco


2016 July 1

HLPE report available:
Sustainable agricultural development for food security and nutrition: what roles for livestock?

Download the pdf from the website:
HLPE - High Level Panel of Experts on Food Security and Nutrition
HLPE has been created as part of the reform of the international governance of food security to advise the Committee on World Food Security (CFS ) which is the foremost intergovernmental and international platform dealing with food security and nutrition.


2016 Jun 25

Mind your Manners
Louise O. Fresco about the benefits of communal eating

Website: BBC Radio, The Food Chain, Mind your Manners 16.30'
It's not what you eat, but the way that you eat it. As people are exposed to cuisines from all over the world, we ask if there has been a global shrugging off of table manners


2016 Jun 12

In debate with Annie Cohen Solal:
We must look out of the corner of our eyes to see the unexpected, the marginal

Talkshow HEYU! Writers, OBA, Amsterdam
Watch the video on TZUM literair weblog


2016 Jun 8

Inaugurated as Foreign Member in the section for natural sciences of the Royal Flemish Academy of Arts&Sciences

website KVAB


2016 Jun 2

Organic food is no healthier than normal produce, professor says

Speaking at The Hay Festival in Wales, Louise Fresco said: "There is really no indication in general that organic food is healthier. The chemical composition of the Apple is the same whether it's an organic apple or not."
The Telegraph


2016 May 29

Hamburgers in Paradise
recommended by Forbes as optimistic summer reading

"..... a history of the many foods we eat, the state of global agriculture and a very optimistic view of sustainability in spite of the challenges facing humanity in the near future".


2016 Apr 28

New Dutch Masters: The Fear of Innovation

Lecture by Louise O. Fresco, Netherlands Permanent Mission, Genève
Read more
Food for thought when discussing questions as: What are the consequences of the domination of the human species over planet earth? Are we able to control the consequences of our own existence? But also: how to feed 9 billion people in 2030?


2016 Feb 15

The state of the art and current dilemmas of biotechnology for poor producers and consumers
FAO International Symposium "The Role of Agricultural Biotechnologies in Sustainable Food Systems and Nutrition"

Keynote Address 1 by Louise O. Fresco | pdf

Listen here to the panel discussion of TARGET: Zero Hunger Episode 3
"Can Biotech Benefit Smallholder Farmers Worldwide?" | audio
(The panel discussion starts at 15:35 min)
Listen here to the extended version of the panel discussion| audio


2016 Jan 16

To Feed 9 Billion People, Move Away From The Farmer's Market

Farmers markets are good and industrial agriculture is bad, right? Professor Louise Fresco says the real picture is much more complicated
.Radio interview at Innovation Hub


2016 Jan 9

A concerted attempt to excel in agriculture

Interview in The Reporter, Ethiopia
Fresco recently visited Addis Ababa as the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands and the Ethiopian government launched, BENEFIT, an agricultural program that focuses on integrating all projects that have already been implemented in five major regions with high potential for cash crops. Henok Reta of The Reporter sat down with her for an exclusive interview at Elilly International Hotel during the launch program.
Excerpts: website The Reporter Ethiopia | pdf


2016 Jan 7

Talk Radio Europe, Spain

Radio Interview with Louise O. Fresco


2015 Dec 21

The future of Ethiopia’s agriculture

Interview with Louise O. Fresco in the Capital Ethiopia | Capital | pdf


2015 Dec 3

The Times Higher Education - Books- Interview: Louise O. Fresco

Wageningen University & Research president and author of Hamburgers in Paradise: The Stories Behind the Food We Eat on her appetite for good books, from Primo Levi to Claudia Roden | The Times Higher Education


2015 Nov 26

Why we eat together
Communal dining is a quintessential human experience.

Article by Louise O. Fresco in The Atlantic | Atlantic | pdf


2015, Oct 14

Borlaug Dialogue 2015: Prof. Louise O. Fresco Book Launch: Hamburgers in Paradise

Borlaug Dialogue – Day I, Des Moines, IA, USA, www.worldfoodprize.org


2015, Nov

Hamburgers in Paradise
The stories behind the food we eat

Princeton University Press
- A Q and A with author
- Hamburgers in Paradise: 12 facts

Fresco presented her book to Kenneth Quinn, the World Food Prize ambassador, at the 2015 Borlaug Dialogue, hosted by The World Food Prize. You can view the live stream online, and you can join the conversation online using #WorldFoodPrize.

For the first time in human history, there is food in abundance throughout the world. More people than ever before are now freed of the struggle for daily survival, yet few of us are aware of how food lands on our plates. Behind every meal you eat, there is a story. Hamburgers in Paradise explains how. ....

In this wise and passionate book, Louise Fresco takes readers on an enticing cultural journey to show how science has enabled us to overcome past scarcities—and why we have every reason to be optimistic about the future.

The culmination of decades of research, Hamburgers in Paradise provides valuable insights into how our food is produced, how it is consumed, and how we can use the lessons of the past to design food systems to feed all humankind in the future.


2015 Oct 15

Louise O. Fresco member of the third Steering Committee of the High Level Panel of Experts on Food Security and Nutrition (CFS-HLPE)

The High Level Panel of Experts (HLPE) on food security and nutrition has been created as part of the reform of the international governance of food security to advise the Committee on World Food Security (CFS) which is the foremost intergovernmental and international platform dealing with food security and nutrition.


2015 Jun 14

Fresco's Paradise

The successful six-part documentary TV-series, based on Louise O. Fresco's book Hamburgers in Paradise is now available in English. The episodes of the series can be viewed at: human.nl


2015 June 1

Introduction: Redesigning Food Systems for a 2015 World

Lecture by Louise O. Fresco at EAT, Stockholm Food Forum


2015 Jan 16

Louise O. Fresco honors the father of slow food Carlo Petrini

At the ceremony of the Johannes van Dam 2014 award that was granted to Carlo Petrini, Jury chair Louise Fresco honored him in her speech. She said that Carlo Petrini has singlehandedly changed our thinking about food and society in a fundamental way.
www.wageningenur.nl/en | read here the speech


2014 Oct 23

Louise Fresco appointed chairwoman of FP7 evaluation committee

The European Committee has appointed Louise Fresco chairwoman of the committee that will be evaluating the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme (FP7). This High Level Expert Group will start working in November and complete its evaluation by the end of 2015. Read more:


2014 Sept 11

We are here to make a difference

Interview in Resource

"Louise Fresco, president of Wageningen University & Research since July, has returned to her Alma Mater after 17 years to find a lot of highly motivated people on a beautiful campus. Dialogue with the wider society is needed, believes Fresco, but so is more internal collaboration between science groups. She wants to forge connections. ‘Connecting is the story of my life'." | pdf


2014 Sept 1

Opening Academic Year Wageningen University & Research
including an addresss by Louise O. Fresco

'It is now our task to respond. To new generations, new challenges and new expectations; to promote an understanding of what options exist for the future of our food production'

Read Louise Fresco's entire speech (pdf)


It is time for a new Enlightenment, argued Louise Fresco, President of Wageningen University & Research, at the opening of the academic year 2014/2015. "We must find a new way of engaging society in the development of knowledge", she said.

Technology makes it possible to have unmanned machines do farm work: ploughing, harvesting and milking cows while monitoring the animal's health. These developments improve food production and working conditions, but is this what society wants, Fresco asked. She argued that it is not always clear what people want. The idea that 'the consumer is always right' is a fallacy, she said. On the one hand, people want cheap food, but on the other hand they want to have it produced on small farms where all the work is done by hand and where animals play in flowering meadows.


2014 July 1

First work day prof. dr. ir. Louise O. Fresco as President of the Executive Board of Wageningen University & Research

This morning, Prof. Dr. Louise O. Fresco started her first day of work as the new President of the Executive Board of Wageningen UR. On September 1st she will open the Academic Year and share her vision for Wageningen UR. During this event she will outline how she sees the position of Wageningen UR in our domain and the position of our organisation.
She says: “For the fourth time in my life I enter Wageningen full of anticipation! First as a student, then as a PhD candidate, later as professor, and now as President of the Executive Board. My passion to be involved in the World Food Problem is as big today as it was in any of the earlier stages. I still believe that scientific research and education play a crucial role in solving this issue. ..."
Read more: website Wageningen University & Research


2014 May 24

Farewell lecture at the University of Amsterdam

University Professor Louise O. Fresco provides the opening speech of the University Day 2014 and also her farewell lecture (in Dutch) at the University of Amsterdam. She tells the story behind the creation of the documentary series "Fresco's Paradise"


2014 Apr 24

Royal Academy of Overseas Sciences, Brussels

Louise O. Fresco was appointed corresponding member of the Royal Academy of Overseas Sciences, the Section of Technical Sciences, Brussels, Belgium | web


2014 March

Comenius Award

The Comenius Price 2014 has been awarded to Professor Louise O. Fresco. She receives the prize for her unwavering commitment to bring science among the general public.


2014 March

The Insect Cookbook: Food for a Sustainable Planet
Arnold van Huis, Henk van Gurp, and Marcel Dicke

The Definitive Guide to Insects as a Sustainable Food Source.
In The Insect Cookbook, two entomologists and a chef make the case for insects as a sustainable source of protein for humans and a necessary part of our future diet. They provide consumers and chefs with the essential facts about insects for culinary use, with recipes simple enough to make at home yet boasting the international flair of the world’s most chic dishes.
Preface by Louise O. Fresco / Columbia University Press| web


2014 Feb

Distinguished visiting scholar of South Africa 2014

The Academy of Science of South Africa (ASSAF) invited Louise O Fresco as distinguished scholar. She gave lectures titled Changing patterns of food production and consumption in the world and Africa at the Agricultural Research Council (ARC) and ASSAF in Hatfield Pretoria, at Stellenbosch Institute for Advanced Study (STIAS), at the University of Fort Hare in Alice (See photo right: with host prof. Voster Muchenje) and at the University of Kwazulu-Natal (UKZN) Life Sciences Campus in Pietermaritzburg.

South African Journal of Science, Commentary:
Some thoughts about the future of food and agriculture | pdf

Farmer's weekly, Interview:
Commitment will feed world | pdf
Farmer's weekly, By Invitation:
No more wishful thinking | pdf


2014, Jan 27

Louise O. Fresco new President of Wageningen University & Research

Professor Louise O. Fresco has been appointed as President of the Executive Board of Wageningen University & Research with effect from 1 July 2014. She is currently University Professor at the University of Amsterdam, as well as an Honorary Professor at Wageningen University & Research. She will succeed Aalt Dijkhuizen, who, after 12 years of service, will step down as chairman of the Wageningen University & Research board on 1 March. More information: website Wageningen University & Research


2013, Dec 4

How to feed the world in 2050? European Parliament Brussels

This workshop is focused on what is Europe’s role in feeding the world in 2050? It will bring the findings and the synthesis report of the five parallel studies related to ‘Technology options for feeding 10 billion people’, as well as presentations by high level scientists in the different topics.
Keynote Speech by Louise O. Fresco: 'Food in times of scarcity and abundance'
- Presentation of the keynote | video


2013, Oct 13

Fresco's Paradise

Six-part TV series based on Louise O. Fresco's book Hamburgers in Paradise starting on 13 October, 2013 on Dutch TV, by HUMAN (Fresco's Paradijs, 18.50 uur, Nederland 2). This series is released on DVD, with English subtitles by Rubinstein


2013, Oct 4

World Science Festival in Amsterdam

The WSF Amsterdam will return on September 6 & 7, 2014 with world-class science programming designed to inspire, educate and entertain audiences of all ages. In October, 2013 WSF presented a three-day preview event at multiple venues in the City of Amsterdam. Louise O. Fresco is one of the ambassadors. | web


2013, Sept 5

Food is a serious issue

Dick de Zeeuw Lecture 2013 with Prof. Dr. Ir. Louise Fresco.
This year Prof. Dr. Ir. Louise Fresco speaks at the 3rd Dick de Zeeuw lecture titled Food is a serious issue | pdf | web |


2013, Aug 11

What's wrong with what we eat? (Playlist 9 talks)

It's easy to worry about food: Are we eating the wrong stuff? What about people who don't have enough to eat? These talks examine the problems -- and some compelling solutions.
Playlists, Collections for Curious Minds. Curated by TED | video


2013, Jul 17

Starved for Science
How technological progress can help to feed the world

Article by Louise O. Fresco, published in Visionary Voices by Project Syndicate. Also in The Independent and other international newspapers (translated in many languages) | web


2013, May 6

Q&A with prof Louise Fresco: Hamburgers in Paradise

Interview UvA in the spotlight, University of Amsterdam | pdf | web


2013, Mar 21

Prof. Louise O. Fresco has been appointed honorary member of the Royal Institute of Engineers in the Netherlands (KIVI NIRIA)

In his speech, Martin van Pernis, president of KIVI NIRIA, expressed his appreciation for the significant contributions Fresco has made to sustainability issues from a social context. As an engineer, Fresco stresses the role of technology and science in a balanced way. She is capable of entering into dialogue with everyone in an effortless fashion and elevating the discussion to global level.
KIVI NIRIA is the Dutch association for engineers and engineering students, and provides opportunities to develop knowledge and share it with other professionals. The promotion of technology in society is one of the spearheads of KIVI NIRIA | web


2013, Mar 15

Louise O. Fresco wins Dies award for outstanding alumnus of Wageningen University & Research

A treaty on animal production and other revisions in the Book of Agriculture and Food | pdf | web


2013, Mar 5

Louise Fresco on European fear of global change in agriculture

African Technology Development Forum


2013, Feb 22

The GMO Stalemate in Europe - Science Magazine

Editorial by Louise O. Fresco | sciencemag.org | pdf


2013, 11 Feb

The Private Sector and Sustainable Growth

Jan Peter Balkenende, former Dutch Prime Minister, Partner at Ernst & Young, and Chair of the Dutch Sustainable Growth Coalition delivered the SID Lecture ‘The Private Sector and Sustainable Growth’. Louise O. Fresco, shared her comments and led the discussion with the audience| pdf


2013, Jan 28

Food, Scarcity and Abundance

Lecture Louise O. Fresco at the 200th Commemorative Meeting of the Royal Swedish Academy of Agriculture and Forestry
video (lecture on this video starts at 16:42) | pdf of speech


2012, Dec 9

Genetics in Agriculture and the Environment:
Where Are We Going and How Do We Get There?

Afternoon Discussion Panels
Nobel Week Dialogue, Stockholm
Panellists:Dominic Barton, Torbjörn Fagerström, Louise Fresco,Christiane Nüsslein-Volhard and Tikki Pang (Pangestu)
Moderator:Matt Ridley| www.nobelprize.org


2012, Dec 7

Louise Fresco, the Idealist – A short Q&A

Interview - Nobel Week Dialogue, Stockholm | pdf


2012, Oct 30

The Future of Food

Presentation first copy of new book by Adjiedj Bakas | video


2012, Oct 11

Primeval Landscapes, Deep Time

Essay in Ideal Real Landscape or Real Ideal Landscape, Willem Sanders | web | pdf


2012, Aug 31

Opportunities and dilemmas of a bio-based economy

Comment on "Food vs fuel is corny" by Economist contributing editor Dougal Thomson, The Economist Group, ManagementThinkingBlog | pdf


2012, Feb 8

Embracing the Opportunities of Public-Private Partnerships

Economist Conferences: Embracing the Opportunities of Public-Private Partnerships | video



Two Types of Curiosity

Article in 380 Years Curiosity, University of Amsterdam | pdf



Michael Pollan's Misguided Food Nostalgia

Article in Zesterdaily | web



Climate change assessment.
Review of the processes and procedures of the IPCC

Report by the InterAcademy Council’s international scientific team appointed by the United Nations to investigate the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) | pdf | more information: www.interacademycouncil.net



Louise O. Fresco on feeding the whole world

A powerful thinker and globe-trotting advisor on sustainability, Louise Fresco says it's time to think of food as a topic of social and economic importance on par with oil — that responsible agriculture and food consumption are crucial to world stability.
Performance TED, U.S.A. | video


Mansholt Lecture September 2017: 2 documents



Position Paper Mansholt Lecture 2016: Towards a Common Agricultural and Food Policy



Louise O. Fresco riceverà il Premio speciale Giuseppe Acerbi 2016 alla carriera.



Louise O. Fresco, Margot Dijkgraaf, Annie Cohen-Solal


Inaugurated as Foreign Member in the section for natural sciences of the Royal Flemish Academy of Arts&Sciences
left: Dirk van Dyck, right: Dirk Inzé


Hamburgers in Paradise
The stories behind the food we eat

Princeton University Press


The Johannes van Dam 2014 award that was granted to Carlo Petrini
Photo: Monique Kooijmans


Video of lecture at EAT, Stockholm Food Forum 2015


Professor Louise O. Fresco has been appointed as President of the Executive Board of Wageningen UR with effect from 1 July 2014


Fresco's Paradise now available on DVD (English subtitles)



Photo: University of Fort Hare, Alice, South Africa, host prof. Voster Muchenje with Louise O. Fresco


Louise O. Fresco wins Dies award for outstanding alumnus of Wageningen University


Editorial by Louise O. Fresco in Science Magazine


Lecture Louise O. Fresco at the 200th Commemorative Meeting of the Royal Swedish Academy of Agriculture and Forestry


TEDtalk, February 2009, in Long Beach, California